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Have you visited the Office Depot and now you want to give feedback? So, Office Depot is a good choice for it. Moreover, it is possible to get a prize for feedback. The size of the prize is $10 off $50 Coupon but it is necessary to pay your attention that it is impossible to get it without purchasing. Qualifying purchase items are must-have.

Office Depot Feedback Details

Before giving feedback, meet the requirements below:

  1. Only online entry.
  2. Buying is necessary.
  3. The prize is $10 Off $50 Coupon.
  4. The coupon limit exists (not for all items).

How To Take The Survey

  1. Buy an item at an Office Depot.
  2. Keep your receipt.
  3. Use the Internet and go online to the Office Depot Survey
  4. Answer all the questions of the survey.
  5. After completing the survey, save your code.
  6. Take the receipt code and visit the Office Deport to get your coupon.

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Office Depot Rules

  1. Buying is obligatory for the survey.
  2. Only after filling the survey, you will be given the coupon.
  3. The coupon is not qualified for all items.
  4. In 2 days the coupon will be emailed to the owner.
  5. It doesn’t work with technology items.

About the Office Depot

1987 was the year when Office Depot was founded in Florida. Today there are more than 1400 stores in the USA. Every year these stores sell over $4.1 billion of goods. The Office Depot takes the second place as the largest office in the USA.

To show its customers the best level of service and care, the managers of the Office Depot have created a survey that will help the staff to improve their service and work. In exchange for the survey, customers will be rewarded. The details about the reward can be found in the article.

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