www.Myhr.Bfusa.com – My Bridgestone USA Teammate Service

www.Myhr.Bfusa.com – My Bridgestone USA Teammate Service


What is myHR BFUSA? MyHR BFUSA is a special s3vice that allows employees from the company Brigdestone get access to related documents and services online. This service has several pros and the first one is free use. Pay your attention that if you fail four times 6o log into an account you will be banned. There is one important thing is to be attentive to the versions of the service. In case of downloading the service, please note that it should be 8.0,9.0 or 10.0 versions.

  1. Sign in the service.
  2. The users of myHR BFUSA have to click the link when the password should be used.
  3. In case of forgetting your password, you need to be ready to start a long restore process. You will need: UID number, date of birth and the last 4 digits.

Bridgestone Company

Bridgestone Company was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. The company has approximately 140 000 stores all over the world. For example, in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina. Bridgestone Company owns over 180 manufacturing plants.

In the early fifties of the last century, the company regained the name Bridgestone. A new headquarters is being built in Tokyo, the first official distributors appear. The company is growing rapidly, investing in the construction of new plants in Yokohama and Tokyo. Already in 1953, sales reached 10 billion yen per year.

Gradually, Bridgestone enters the international market by opening a subsidiary in the USA (1967), an enterprise in Malaysia, and a representative office in Europe (Brussels, 1972). In 1988, Bridgestone acquired the large American tire company Firestone. Over time, a number of other Bridgestone / Firestone Inc. representative offices open. in North America, Bridgestone / Firestone Europe S.A. in Europe, Chinese Bridgestone China Investment Co., Ltd.

The main source of its profit comes from tires and rubber sales and such auto services as oil and brakes changes. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with the company by phone number 855-873-6947.

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