www.PapaSurvey.com: Free Cookie Dough

www.PapaSurvey.com: Free Cookie Dough

In order to master its work and service, Papa Murphy’s created a survey for customers where they can leave their feedbacks. After answering all the questions in the survey, you will have a chance to receive a reward that differs in every store. Below you can find how to apply the Papa Murphy’s Survey.

How To Take The Papa Survey

The Papa Survey can be taken unlimited times within 3 days after getting the receipt.

Here are some steps to do so as to enter the survey:

  1. Buy something in the store
  2. Keep the receipt
  3. During 3 days you can use it
  4. Follow www.papasurvey.com and answer the questions
  5. At the end of the survey, fill in the code
  6. Show your receipt at Papa Murphy’s restaurant in order to get a free cheese, salad, pizza and etc.

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Papa Murphy’s Contacts


Send Mail To:
Papa Murphy’s International
Attn: Guest Services 8000 NE Parkway Dr. #350
Vancouver, WA 98662

Papasurvey.com History

Having started as Papa Ado’s in 1981, Papa Murphy’s changed its name very soon.

Nowadays Papa Murphy’s is one of the fifth-greatest pizza chains in the US that won a lot of awards as Best Pizza. It has more than 1300 stores in America.

Papa Murphy’s uses the strategy “take and bake” that makes the chain more attractive for customers who want to “cook” a pizza on their own. “Take and bake ” model means that a customer visits a store and chooses any cold pizza he/she likes and takes it away. After coming back home a customer has a chance to heat it up at home without any rush and enjoy it slowly watching TV or favorite bloggers on Youtube.

Such a kind of strategy allows the chain to minimize suppliers and offer its customers better prices.

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