www.TalkToWendys.com — Wendy’s Customer Feedback

www.TalkToWendys.com — Wendy’s Customer Feedback

Before taking part in the survey, meet the details of this procedure.

First of all, you need to make a purchase at Wendy’s place. Secondly, you have to be either 18 or 18+. Thirdly, there is a limit in a coupon usage – 1 coupon can be used for 30 days. Fourthly, the coupon is valid for 14 days. The survey prize is BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich

How to enter the www.talktowendys.com survey

  1. Make a purchase a Wendy’s place.
  2. After purchasing, keep your receipt because you will need it for entering online.
  3. Go online to Wendy’s website.
  4. Using the code on your receipt, enter the survey.
  5. Answer all the survey questions.
  6. Finally, save the code after answering the questions.
  7. Visit the place within 14 days to get back your survey reward.

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About Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a world-famous fast-food chain. The chip of the restaurant is that burgers do not lie ready on the shelves – they only begin to collect them after ordering. Hearty square cutlets in round buns can be eaten around the evening of the next day, there is even a giant “triple burger.” They also offer potato spirals “Potato Twist”, soft ice cream Frosty Twist, various sandwiches and, what is nice, beer.

The chain has 6207 franchised restaurants around the world (data for January 2017), 77% of the establishments are located in North America and is the main competitor to the Burger King, Subway and McDonald’s chains. The assortment of Wendy’s restaurants includes 10 types of burgers made of 100% beef, 9 types of chicken fillet burgers, several types of french fries, baked potatoes, 5 types of salads, Chile branded stew and about 30 desserts and drinks. In addition, the range is updated every season.

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