www.TellDunkin.com Within 3 Days — Get Free Tasty Donuts

www.TellDunkin.com Within 3 Days — Get Free Tasty Donuts

We all like tasty food and delicious sweets. It makes our life more colorful and happy. I am sure you have tried donuts offered by Dunkin Cafes at least once in your life. You should know about a great thematic promotion associated with this cafe chain and your own experience as a visitor.

In general, this store chain has been selling its amazing donuts for more than 70 years. It is loved by thousands of customers all over the US due to its friendly atmosphere, great sweets, and polite staff. Many inhabitants of the East Coast spend lots of time sitting with their friends in these locations and trying amazing ice-cream, coffee, and so.

This article will tell you how to get free dishes for just visiting these cafes and sharing related feelings and experiences. It is a great exchange, as you will help the Dunkin Company to become the best one in the thematic restaurant sphere. And it, in turn, will present you with free presents for each time you help.

What should I do with my Dunkin Donuts survey code?

In general, this survey is a kind of opportunity to express your feelings/amazement associated with these locations. Your feedback will be processed and the cafe’s administration will probably take the necessary measures to solve problems. Therefore, you can transform your local Dunkin’s Cafe into the best place for having rest.

You are required to do some simple actions to get the right for gifts:

  1. Go to the official website located at www.telldunkin.com and click on the active link situated below the most suitable survey language version
  2. Loot at the receipt you have recently got while a visit to any Dunkin Donuts’ location. It has all the necessary details that are required within a survey.

Provide the empty fields with all the details required correctly (store number, for example, is also printed on a receipt). Then you will also have to enter a unique code that can also be found on a receipt (it consists of 18 characters).

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  1. Click on the button named “Start” to begin participating in a survey campaign
  2. The main task for you — to answer all the questions honestly according to your PERSONAL experience. Do not write comments according to the third parties’ gossips

Dunkin donuts survey: rules and participation conditions

  • The receipt you have received can be utilized within 3 days
  • The code you have got after the survey is active within 6 months
  • You are not allowed to use more than 1 receipt for a visit
  • It is restricted to utilize someone else’s coupons or receipts
  • You get the right to use the coupon after you order at least one drink in the chain’s cafes (medium or large sizes are preferable)

** In case you will show all the necessary pieces of evidence, you will be offered to choose the main survey prize. Lots of donuts’ tastes and delicious varieties of coffee are waiting for you!

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