www.Walgreens.com Survey — $3000 Cash

www.Walgreens.com Survey — $3000 Cash

Walgreens takes care of its service and always tries to improve it. All customers have an opportunity to follow www.walgreenslistens.com and leave his/her feedback in exchange for sweepstakes whose prize is $3000. The chain allows participating with your purchase or without.

WalgreensListens Details

In order to participate online, you have to be 18+ and live in the US, buy something at a Walgreens and save your receipt, fill out the questions of the survey on the website mentioned above. Pay your attention that the receipt is valid for only 3 days.

If you want to do it by phone, feel free to call 1 800 219 7451 and answer the questions. Here you don’t need a purchase.

For mail participation, take a sheet of paper, write your name, address and phone number and send it to Walgreens location: Dept-S7592 P.O. Box 4006 Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.

www.WagCares.com Survey $3000 Cash

WagCares survey offers customers to share with their recent experience in buying different things and moreover leave feedback about a supermarket, shop, cafe or restaurant work.

In addition, customers of Walgreens will have an opportunity to win 3000 dollars.

Walgreens takes care of its level of service and customer satisfaction that is why WagCares created a special survey where Walgreens customers can win grand prizes.

In order to win a 3000 dollar prize, follow the website www.WagCares.com. Enter the information that is necessary and push Start. Then answer the Walgreens survey. Afterward, enter your personal information but ensure its accuracy.

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Walgreens Company History

Do you know that a person who invented the malted milkshake and an owner of the Walgreens chain is the same person? I guess, you don’t.
Let me introduce Charles Walgreen a simple pharmacist who saved his paycheck every month in order to buy a drugstore where he worked in.

After this successful purchase, Charles succeeded and continued developing the chain. Between 1916 and 1926 the number of opened drugstores increased from 19 to 1000. Moreover, in 2012 the Walgreens family opened the 8000th shop.

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